Friday, April 24, 2009

Up and Coming Shops - Continued

A while back I posted a request on the Etsy forums for shops with exactly one sale so I could put one of their items in a treasury. Well, that treasury has come and gone, but I haven't finished spotlighting the shops I heard from. I've had to change the name of this series from One Sale Shops to Up and Coming Shops, since they've all gotten more sales! And I'm sure they won't have low sales for long, either.

The next shop on the list is Lucky Star Origami and I'm pleased to see when I check out her shop today that she now has 10 sales! And I can see why. She makes the cutest origami jewelry and miscellany. My favorites are still these little daffodil earrings:
Please check out this shop as well as the shops I featured earlier, who each have five sales as of this writing. (congratulations!)

Dana's Paint N Knit Place (ptdrummajor)
Sugar and Spikes

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