Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweetland Retreat and My Upcoming Class

Thank you to Jamie Ribisi-Braley of Sweetland Retreat for sending me a copy of an article that was published in the Kennebec Journal.  The article is about Sweetland (which is an awesome place by the way) and has a great mention of my upcoming Peekaboo Lentil Bead Class.  I've converted the article into a photo document.  If you click on it you should then be able to click again to zoom in and read it.  If  you can't, I've saved a larger copy on my website, which you can see here.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun with Enamels

I've wanted to try enameling for almost as long as I've been working with PMC.  Finally, I broke down and bought myself an enameling on metal clay kit from Thompson Enamel, which comes with ten enamel colors.  I have done a few test firings of the colors and tried my hand and wet packing two pieces.  They aren't perfect, but I am pretty happy with the way they came out, since it was my first time.

I can tell already that I am going to like enameling.  I love the look of the transparent colors and can't wait to try some more (I've already ordered a few more colors).

The heart shaped piece above was made using the impression of a very interesting shell I purchased from Pixie Supplies

The above photo was taken from Pixie Supplies' shop: 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mixed Levels PMC Class

I have confirmed the dates of the Mixed Levels PMC class I will be teaching at Ellsworth High School.  They will be listed below, along with the subjects I plan to cover that day.  The course is 12 weeks long, broken up into three four-week sections.  You can sign up for one or any of the sections, depending on your schedule.  The first week of each section will be devoted to beginners' information or review of some basic information if there are no beginners.  You can sign up for the classes here:  As of this writing, however, no classes have been listed on the website so keep checking.

The schedule and planned subjects are below.  All classes are on Monday nights (there will be no class on school holidays) from 5:30 to 8:30 at the Ellsworth High School Art Room.

Part 1:
February 7:  Beginners
February 14:  Back to Basics:  Working with Greenware
February 28:  Back to Basics:  Finishing, Polishing and Burnishing
March 7:  Back to Basics:  Working with Slip/Paste

Part 2:
March 14:  Beginners/Review
March 21:  Making Bails
March 28:  Pinbacks and Soldering
April 4:  Fixing Breaks and Mistakes

Part 3:
April 11:  Beginners/Review
April 25:  Patina:  Liver of Sulphur
May 2:  Catch Up/Students' Choice
May 9:  Catch Up/Students' Choice

Important note:  The Adult Ed Program will be requiring a minimum number of students to be registered for the class to go forward.  If for some reason there aren't enough students to meet that minimum but there is some interest in the class, I will consider the possibility of holding independent classes.

I have a number of other classes coming up including a Peekaboo Lentil Bead Workshop at Sweetland Retreat in Manchester.  You can check my calendar on the right side of my blog for dates and links.