Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, you asked for it: My workspace

My fellow Etsy Maine Team member and internet friend posted a request to see people's work spaces, so I've taken up her challenge. Here are two pictures of the area in my office where I do most of my work. You'll see Willow has kindly agreed to pose in one of the pictures. It's a mess, and really needs to be neatened up and organized, but I generally know where everything is.

This is the main area where I make jewelry. The chair is currently facing my computer.

Another picture of the same area, only closer and with Willow looking none too happy to be model.

This is the lovely window seat where the cats spend most of their day watching birds and sleeping in the sun.

Another view of my office, showing the shelves where I try to display jewelry I have already made, as well as a corner of my desk. You can also see just a bit of Willow's cat tree.

Lastly, this is my desk and computer. And Sammie, who, as I type this is using my left arm as a pillow and purring like crazy.

So that's it. Someday when I clean my office, I'll post better pictures.

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