Saturday, April 18, 2009

MPBN Great TV Auction

Some members of the Etsy Maine Team have donated a gift basket to the MPBN Great TV Auction. I don't watch television very much, but I do listen to MPBN Public Radio every single day, almost all day long, while I am working. I get my news from All Things Considered and Morning Edition and hear enlightening interviews on Fresh Air. In the afternoon, there are so many diverse offerings from Soundprint to speakers in many different forums. The World gives me a global perspective. And if I can't find something I like on the radio at that moment, I can always to to and download or podcast something I might have missed. That way I can keep up with shows I miss when I'm not in my studio: This American Life, Marketplace and Marketplace Money and my very favorite: Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me. These shows are all very important to me, not only for information but also entertainment. I urge you to check out our donation as well as all the other items donated at the MPBN Great TV Auction. You can bid online at that site as well.

Our donation, shown above, includes some really awesome stuff from some very talented artists: Tie dye socks, visor and bandana, a felted tote bag, note cards, two pairs of earrings, a crocheted and felted purse, a stoneware fish, a decoupage apple, some kid-friendly colored pasta for use in crafts and, last but not least, a Beaded Bouquet, made by myself, which can be seen in between the note cards and the stoneware fish. The entire set can be found at Please be sure to check it and all the other donations.

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