Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm in Metal Clay Artist Magazine!

I just got my digital copy of Metal Clay Artist Magazine and I'm in it!  I had been told by a fellow Metal Clay Head that I was, but it's nice to actually see it.

My Luna Moth Pendant is on Page 32 in the Gallery Section, which is devoted to some of the people who entered pieces into the magazine's Metal Clay Plus contest.  I am honored to have made the cut to have my picture in the magazine (there were about 200 entries, I guess) and to be alongside some very well-known and talented artists. 

I was in the magazine once before with my Peekaboo Pendant about this time last year.  It was in the second anniversary edition of the magazine and the Luna Moth is in the third anniversary edition.  Plus, both of them were made at workshops at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. 

Unfortunately, there are no metal workshops at Haystack this year, but I am excited to be getting together during that same week with three other Haystack friends.  We are going to work on clay at the home and studio of one of the lovely ladies I met my first year (and again last year) near Toronto.  I am so excited and hope that I will be as inspired as I was at Haystack.  I will be traveling with a good friend I also met in my first year, Erin.  With my new job, I have had less time to work on clay so I doubly pleased to have a few days to do nothing but.

The Luna Moth Pendant in the magazine was made at last year's workshop with Patrik Kusek.  He is an awesome and inspiring teacher and I learned so much from him.  Some of it was little "Why didn't I think of that?" things and I think I told him I loved him more than once.  I felt a bit like a groupie with him and Lisa Cain.

We did a lot of work with found objects and I wrote a blog post about it with photos of my pieces. 

Reverse of the Luna Moth Pendant

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