Friday, July 22, 2011

Metal Clay Artist Magazine

Last summer I spent a week at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  It was a wonderful week working with PMC with no limits or restrictions.  One of the pieces that came out of that workshop, which explored hidden objects and containers, was my first "Peekaboo Pendant".  I wear it nearly every day and it's still one of my most favorite pieces. 

I've made others and they are always very popular.  Last winter I taught a workshop in making them and my students made some gorgeous versions.  I would have to say that, except for my Willow pendants, the Peekaboo Pendant has been my most popular design.

 I have never submitted photos of my work to any publication before, but took the leap a while back and sent a few photos to Metal Clay Artist Magazine.  Within a very short period of time, I received an email from the editor about my Peekaboo Pendant, wanting a one sentence description as she thought she might use it in their next issue.  I excitedly held my breath, but tried not to get my hopes up too much that it would actually be used. 

Last week I got my copy of the magazine - a special second anniversary issue - and quickly turned to the gallery section.  There is was, right beside some really fantastic pieces by artists whose work I have admired! 


  1. congratulations on the feature, it's a gorgeous pendant :)

  2. Gorgeous design, congratulations! Very lovely work.

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