Friday, August 5, 2011

Customers' Favorite

Make a Wish Brooch

Earlier this summer, I submitted two brooches to Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor.  It was a part of their "36 Brooches by 36 Artists" exhibit to celebrate their 36th year of business.  I was glad to have the chance to make a couple of brooches because I don't make them very often.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Sherry Rasmussen, the owner of the gallery, that my "Make a Wish" brooch had won "Customers' Favorite".  I didn't know that the exhibit also included customers voting on their favorite, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear I had won.  And my piece sold as well!

Detail of Dandelion

 This is the first time one of my pieces has won anything.  It's very exciting and flattering, especially since there were several artists in the exhibit whose work I admire.
Back of Brooch

The dandelion and puffs are raised and have a sort of rough feel to them.  I used resin and embossing powders to get the puffy sort of look I wanted.

I originally thought that the piece that won was the other brooch I submitted, called "Fiddlehead".  It is a reversible brooch with my fiddlehead design on one side and a curly stylized tree on the other.  It is still on display at the gallery.

Front of Fiddlehead Brooch


  1. How exciting, Lisa! Congratulations on winning "Customer's Favorite"!

  2. So happy for you!!! It IS a beautiful brooch!


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