Tuesday, April 6, 2010

May Flowers (in April)

I love using leaves and flowers in my jewelry.  Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of choices this time of year in my neck of the woods.  I have found a solution:  Pressed Flowers!  I found some by PetalAnnie on Etsy.  I bought three different sets, all very nicely packaged to prevent bending.  I was itching to try them out and I didn't wait.  I tried pressing the flowers into the clay.  The impressions are not always as deep as I like but the patinas came out really nice.  These were all done with just liver of sulphur.  I think they almost look like paint.

This necklace is a bit more purply than the photo shows.  I made the chain on that necklace by knitting sterling silver wire on a spool.

The cord on this necklace is actually a medium brown and matches the flower patina quite well.


While I was working with the flowers, I thought it would be nice to also have some of the actual flowers on a piece and I decided on the Secret Garden Necklace, which has a 22 karat gold accented design on one side and a little garden of flowers and leaves set in layers of resin on the other.  I had already tried a test to see how the flowers would hold up in the resin, but I still wasn't sure whether these particular ones would.  The lighter flowers and leaves almost look translucent.

I still have quite a few flowers left, so look for lots more!

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  1. Lisa, these are gorgeous! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. The Secret Garden necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors you get when you use liver of sulphur on your pieces. They are amazing! The purples in that first flower....man....just amazing!


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