Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get a Grip, Willow!

I think I have mentioned that in my studio there is a kitty shelf in the window overlooking the new bird (more precisely squirrel) feeder my father-in-law made me.  The sun shines in that window beautifully in the afternoon and sometimes I put my photo box on the shelf when I take pictures of my jewelry, which I did the other day.  Apparently, I had left a rock I sometimes use as a prop on the shelf.

Well, Willow didn't like it very much.  Yesterday, she spent a lot of time sitting on the table just under the shelf staring at the rock.  Then, every so often, she would reach up and touch it with her paw, prodding it to see if it would move, I think.

Eventually, she got brave enough to get up on the shelf and give the rock a good sniff.

Finally, when it became obvious she wouldn't settle down with the rock there, I moved it down onto the table.  So then she had to check it out there.

Then she spent a while sniffing the spot on the shelf where the rock had been.  She never did settle down on the shelf and hasn't since.  God, she's strange sometimes.

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