Thursday, December 27, 2012


Since the world didn't end, Christmas has passed, and I have a few precious days off, it's a good time to talk about my plans for next year.  2012 was an incredibly busy year for me.  I started a new job (and they have put up with me for almost a whole year now!) and between classes, shops and shows, Willow and Me Jewelry has been busier for me than ever.  I'm not complaining, but I do feel like I was pulled in too many directions this past year.  I have not felt comfortable with the level of service I have given the shops that carry my pieces, sometimes taking several weeks to get things to them.

And so after a lot of soul searching, I have decided to dial it back a bit in 2013.  I have decided not to do any shows and will only be teaching classes in the winter/early spring.  The summer and fall are just too busy with work.

I will still be making jewelry, and I have a couple of big projects in the planning stages.  As I indicated above, however, I will not be doing any shows in 2013.  You will still be able to purchase on my Etsy site and as of this moment, my jewelry is also sold at Archipelago in Rockland, primarily ocean-themed items.  I will be confirming with them in early 2013 their plans for the next season as well as other shops that have carried my jewelry in the past.

I will also be teaching two classes through RSU 24 Adult Education.  Both are Mixed Levels Precious Metal Clay, with times to accommodate different schedules.  My intention with the class is to have something for all levels of experience with PMC, from beginner on up.  I will be teaching specific subjects, but will also encourage students to plan their own pieces and I will be there to help them troubleshoot and make their vision a reality.  The dates and times will be Fridays from 5:30 to 9:00 on February 8 and 15 and March 1 and 8 or Saturdays 10:00 to 3:30 on March 23 and 30 and April 6.   The RSU will have pricing information on their website and in their catalog.  Contact them to register.

These are the only PMC classes I will be teaching in 2013, so if you are interested, I would suggest signing up for whichever alternative works for your schedule.

I have really enjoyed my work at the Woodlawn Museum and look forward to 2013.  I do miss working with metal clay full time, but financially that was just not feasible for me.  I hope that these changes in schedule will help me feel less as if I am spread too thin and enable me to enjoy everything a bit more, as well as to take some time for myself.   I also hope to focus more on quality than quantity in my jewelry pieces. 

Keep an eye out here and on my Facebook page for new pieces and other news.  Let's hope for a happy 2013.  For now I will leave you with some pictures of my favorite pieces from 2012.

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  1. hope you have a wonderful new year :)

    love that sea-urchin piece (& apologies if it isn't a sea-urchin, that's juts what it reminds me of) :)


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