Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Custom Pieces

I've got stuff all over the place and in every stage of completion, as well as a bunch of pieces that were finished ages ago, but I haven't yet listed.  Well, today is the day I took pictures of a bunch and will be listing them in my Etsy Shop over the next few days.  There are also some that won't make it to my shop because they are custom orders, but I still want to share those.

I was very pleased and honored to be asked to make earrings for a bride to wear in her wedding in July.  She wanted a certain color stone and I couldn't match it exactly.  She and her mom saw me enameling and decided to use a color I happened to be enameling with, which was a perfect match.  I rounded up the enameling so that it would look like a cabochon.

I have also made a couple of brooches for a shop in Bar Harbor that is doing a special brooch exhibit.  Both are made with texture sheets, using my own drawings.  The first is called "Make a Wish".  The fuzzies on the dandelion are slightly raised and secured with resin.

The second is a reversible pin.  The dangle part has a swirly tree design on one side and a stylized fiddlehead on the other.  That part can be removed and turned over to hang on the pin portion.  I suppose it could also be worn on a chain.

I used a jewelry lacquer to seal the patina for the first time on this piece.  I've been afraid to because every other thing I tried ended up changing the color of the patina.  This one didn't, though.  I didn't spray it, but actually sprayed a pool of the lacquer onto a piece of plastic and "painted" it into the depression where the lacquer is.

If you would like to see more photos of the two pins, you can see those here.

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  1. Really interesting work with the enamels and resin.


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