Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slacking ...

I have just realized that I haven't done a blog post since before I went on vacation.  Oops... I'd like to say I've been busy working hard since I got back, but I've also been visiting with friends, both new and old but newly found.

Vacation was a very restful week on Prince Edward Island, which is beautiful and quiet - just what I needed.  Lots of farmland (with some very tame foxes) and gorgeous beaches with the coolest looking rocks.  I even found some sea glass.  I did have a brief encounter with the Canadian health care system, which was brief and relatively inexpensive and painless.  I have no complaints there and the out of pocket expenses were probably not much more than I would spend here with copays and deductibles.

I got to hear a lot of people speaking French and even listened to a bit of French radio.  I'm pleased to say that I understood a good part of it.  Unfortunately, I chickened out and didn't dare to speak French to the family in the camper right behind us.  I spent a lot of time just reading (Under the Dome by Stephen King, which I highly recommend - the best I've read by him in a long time).

They have lots of wind turbines (not windmills as my son informed me - they are not grinding anything).  There has been a lot of talk about wind farms here so I was quite curious.  These things are absolutely huge and there are several wind farms on PEI.  We saw one that had at least 50 turbines.

I can honestly say that I found them graceful in the way they turned and I didn't think they took away from the beautiful vistas at all.   At the large wind farm, we got out and listened, because there has been lots of talk around here about how noisy they are.  To me, they sounded much like wind in the trees with an occasional mechanical humming - much less loud than the traffic on the road in front of my house.  I know there are some that will disagree with me, but I didn't see any problem at all with them.

And now back to work.  Here's a sneak peek at what's on my bench right now.  I have 48 grams of clay in various forms drying right now, including pieces for some more sea urchin stuff and some sand dollar pieces as well.  Willow pendants have been selling well so I am making a couple more of those.  I don't have very many bracelets in inventory right now, so I have plans for some.  I hope to work on some copper clay this weekend, but I also may be visiting with some friends.  I haven't spent time with friends in so long and it's delightful to have a bit of a social life again.  Also, I have just ordered some new bronze clay which I am excited to try.  Hopefully, I will have some finished projects to post soon, but I also have some socializing to do.  You know what they say about all work and no play...


  1. I'm glad you had such a restful vacation. It's great to hear someone's perspective on wind farms. I've always wanted a turbine, but my husband says we don't get enough wind. I beg to differ, but what do I know...

  2. I too am glad you had a great time! I used to love Stephen King, I think I will have to give it a try! We have several wind farms here in Oregon, up in the Gorge, they are pretty, I think.


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