Saturday, May 1, 2010

We Have a Winner!

It's May 1st.  My baby turns 15 today!  But I have some down time and thought it was time to do the drawing for the hope necklace.  You will remember that I started trying to raise awareness for Vasculitis and Wegener's Granulomatosis by writing about it during the month of April.  And as an incentive to people to help with this endeavor, anytime someone began following my blog, or re-blogged, posted on facebook or tweeted about my blog and Wegener's, they got a chance to win the copper and silver Hope neckace I made just for this drawing.

There were 20 entries all together.  I've run the list on a randomizer and I'm about ready to generate the number on  And so, without further ado, the winner is...

Elizabeth D.

Elizabeth is one of my newest followers.  Thanks so much for following my blog.  

And thank you to everyone else who participated and spread the word.  Doing this helped me, too.  I have been contacted by others with Vasculitis diseases, and it's always nice to know we aren't alone, isn't it? According to my site statistics, there are others who have come here after searching various Wegener's and Vasculitis terms.  I hope that what I wrote helped or encouraged them in some small way.

At the beginning of the month I made some copper HOPE charms to include in sales from my Etsy shop.  I have a surplus and would like to give one to each of you to thank you for all you have done in spreading the word and supporting me.  If you would like one, simply email me your mailing address ( and I will pop one in the mail to you.  I promise I will quickly lose your address and will never use it to contact you unsolicited.

Again, thanks.  I am humbled by the support I received this month.



  1. Wahoo!! thanks so much. I just know the necklace is going to be absolutely beautiful in person.

  2. Lisa, I am very glad you made me aware. I had no idea that I know one of the 1/20,000 people that have this. I would be honored to wear one of your hope charms :) And will tell everyone about the wonderful person that made it with love.


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