Friday, March 12, 2010

My (Virtual) Shopping Trip

In my spare time, I look around on Etsy and dream about what I would buy if I had all the money in the world. Actually, if I had all the money in the world, I'd be writing this from a beach in France. So imagining a warm breeze, sand beneath my feet, a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset, I am going to go on a virtual shopping spree. If you want to join along, close your eyes for a moment and imagine the sun, the sand and your favorite drink... (Unless indicated, all of the sellers below are members of the Etsy Maine Team. I like to support local artisans whenever I can.)

I already have a scarf and a shawl from Lizzyoos and I love them! But one can never have too many shawls. You know, for those chilly evenings on the French Riviera! I love the colors of this one. She also has a couple of beautiful summery sleeveless dresses, but, alas, they wouldn't fit me!

I think I'll need a purse on this trip, too. I like this one from Becky Rose. Becky weaves her own fabric and makes the most beautiful things from it!

And while I'm at it, a nice dress would probably be a good idea. Here's a beautiful vintage one from Cinderella Lollipop.

I'm sure I'll want to write home to all my friends and family and what better way to do it than with cards from Cozink (who just happens to be the Maine Team Featured Artist of the Month).

And last, but not least, I can't come home without a souvenir. I love vintage and I love books, so it only makes sense that my souvenir would be a vintage book from La Pomme Vintage, an Etsy shop located in France.

Thank you for coming along on this little trip with me. Until we meet again, au revoir, mes amies!

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  1. Awewome trip Lisa! Thanks for taking us along.


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