Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Art of the Thank You

They say that the art of letter writing is declining. I agree and, unfortunately, I am as guilty as anyone of contributing to its demise. Another slowly declining art is the Thank You Card. I used to write a lot of thank you cards, but the busier my life is, the less I tend to sit down and write a card to thank someone for a gift or a kindness.

It's a shame, too, as far as I am concerned. Everyone likes to be appreciated and thank you cards are a wonderful, inexpensive, and quick way to do that. I don't know about you, but I still get excited when I get something in the mail that isn't a bill or junk mail. This holiday season I have decided to send lots of thank you cards.

I have been complimented not only on the fact that I send thank yous but also the way in which I write them. I'm not Emily Post, but I do believe there are certain things that should be included in every thank you card:
  • A mention of the gift (or kindness) - specifically, not just "thank you for the gift".
  • If the gift is money or a gift certificate, tell the giver what you plan to use it for (or already have used it for).
  • How you will use or what you have done with the gift.
  • Even if you don't really like the gift remember it's the thought that counts. You can find something nice to say about it (it's useful, colorful, etc.). If you can't think of anything nice to say, just thank the person for thinking of you.
I always keep on hand a bunch of cards I can use for thank you cards, some specifically meant for that purpose, other just blank all-occasion cards. For me half the fun is choosing the card. I recently purchased these cards from fellow Etsy Maine Team member Cozink. I can't wait to use them.

In the interest of buying local, I try to buy from my fellow Etsy Maine Teamers when I can. Fortunately, there are many Maine Teamers who make awesome papergoods.

I love these little butterflies by KT Paper Crafts:

Here are some cute ones that would be great for baby gifts by whimsidoodle:

Here's a great idea for getting your kids to write thank you cards after the holidays from

These tiny cards from oliodesigns would be great to send to your Etsy buyers:

Speaking of sending thank yous to your Etsy buyers, I ordered these little Moo cards for that very purpose:

You may prefer to make your own cards. Blank cards of nearly any size and shape can be found in craft stores, along with rubber stamps and endless supplies of embellishments. I made these little cards in a leaf printing class at Sweetland Retreat.

So when you are holiday shopping this year, pick up a package of cards and be sure to thank those who think of you this season.


  1. My grandma always says I'm the only one of her grandkids who still sends thank you cards. I definitely wish more people did (and not just because I make/sell them!), but alas, my generation doesn't seem to be oozing "class"...
    Thank you for talkin' up my cards, too!


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