Monday, August 17, 2009

Etsy Maine Team Meeting

Yesterday (August 16th) I was privileged to host the Etsy Maine Team Meeting in Ellsworth. Lots of people braved the heat and joined me at my husband's office (thankfully air conditioned).

I met some people I've only chatted with online and re-acquainted myself with people I didn't know were my neighbors (one lives right up the road from me!). We talked shop (Maine Team promotion, etc. and general Etsy stuff) and stuff that wasn't so much shop. (It seems like when a bunch of women get together the talk eventually turns to children and childbirth and we covered both!)

There were yummy blueberry scones and many people brought stuff to show off. I especially loved SoJo's ACEO's, Meg's little Lollipop Favors, and Nikki's felted things (the duck!). It was cool to see Julia's bags in person. I missed seeing Sandy's stuff because by the time I turned around to look, it was already packed away.

Thanks to our fearless leader, Jen, for all her hard work. Hannah's baby is as cute as ever and Patti's little girl was so quiet I hardly knew she was there. Becky was just as cute and nice as I expected and I didn't get a chance to tell her how much I loved the choker and earrings she was wearing. Alisha and I spent a while trying to figure out where we knew each other and she finally remembered that we were beside each other in a show two or three years ago (good memory, Alisha).

I didn't take any pictures, but Nikki did and hopefully she will post them soon.

Here is a full list of the people who were there and their shops:

Sandy from Popple Tree - really nice placemats, totes, etc.
Nikki from Moon Dog Farm - the cutest needlefelted things and necklaces for moms
Julia from One Woman Studio - bags made from recycled feed bags and other things made from other things (check out her shop and you will see what I mean)
Patti from Posy Studio - jewelry with teeny tiny people - very cool
Meg from Olio Designs - lollipop favors, invitations and other paper goods - love the favors - such a cute idea
Hannah from The Fiddlin' Trucker - handsewn accessories - my favorites are the little ballerina baby shoes
Becky from Becky Rose Designs - the most beautiful handwoven things
Alisha from AgapeLuv - natural candles and soaps - mmmm
Jen from Quench Metalworks - gorgeous and unique jewelry by one of the most talented metalsmiths I know
Janyce from Sojourn Quilts - beautiful quilted wall hangings and ACEOs

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