Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Name my Sales Fairy Contest

Whenever someone on the Etsy Maine Team makes a sale, they say the Sales Fairy visited them. I haven't had very many visits from the Sales Fairy, so I decided to get my very own. I found her at the show I did this past weekend: the Arts Across Ellsworth show. She was made by Christina Heiniger of Fern House Studio. She's even carrying a little cat! Autumn (Autumnslings) told me later that the cat is a symbol of prosperity.

She has an honored place on the top of my computer screen and it didn't take long for Willow to notice her and sniff her all over.

So here's the deal: She needs a name. From now until August 11th, I'll take suggestions (just comment below) for her name and the winner will get a free pair of earrings. The judge will be me and I will simply pick the name I like best from all the suggestions. On August 11th I will have a little naming ceremony and announce her name and the winner.


  1. I suggest "Vendas" the Sale Fairy (Vendas is sale in Portugese)

  2. It has absolutely nothing to do with sales but the first thing that came to mind was "Saraphina". Good luck with your sales Lisa, you have great things!

  3. Ha, ha! That's 2 Saraphinas! Got that suggestion on FB too.


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